Administration, Finance and Procurement Expert



Administration, Finance  and Procurement Expert  


Madrasah Education Development Project Loan: Loan-2294 (SF)

Objective/Purpose of the Assignment:

To assist the District Coordinating Unit (DCU) with constantly, in office management, secretariat work, financial management, accounting, and data management.

Scope of Work:

1.          Prepare workplan for 6 (six months);

2.          Give training on book keeping to treasurer of madrasah;

3.          To monitor the plan and realization of block grant in each madrasah and prepare consolidation report for all madrasah based on the facilitator’s report;

4.          Verification and Validation of facilitator’s report from each madrasah;

5.          Prepare the DCU expenditure and it’s documentation;

6.          To file all DCU activities and expenditure documentation and produce it whenever needed;

7.          Assist madrasah and coordinate with facilitators to follow-up on BPKP Audit result until completed;

8.          Assist treasurer of Public Madrasah on the documentation to disburse block grant fund.

9.          Give advice or provide solution on problems arise at madrasah related to financial when requested;

10.      Compile SP2D & it’s supporting documents (Payment Notice (BAP) and Receipt (Kwitansi)) for public madrasah when applying for Widrawal Aplication (WA) to ADB;

11.      Prepare daily report, monthly report, quarterly report and mid-term report after consolidation;

12.      Assist DCU in preparing the monthly report, quarterly report and mid-term report

13.      Give explanation on the Guidelines (Juknis Juklak) on implementation supplement to madrasah and when needed provide direct practice;

14.      Compile all data on Block Grant utility plan and realization from madrasah to be submitted to Admin and accounting staff in relation to compiling of consolidation report;

15.      Assist the procurement process in madrasah and when needed provide practice and give example and prepare it if necessary;

16.      Assist madrasah to compile procurement plan, contract recapitulation contract and inventory of goods;

17.      Provide solution or advice on problem arises in madrasah in relation to block grant implementation;

Output/Reporting Requirements:

1.          Workplan for 6 (six) months;

2.          DCU Expenditure Documents;

3.          Follow-up on BPKP Audit;

4.          SP2D and it’s supporting documents

5.          Monthly consolidation report, quarterly and mid-term report.

6.          Procurement plan, contract recapitulation and inventory of goods

Dyah Arinursanti, SE.

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